The Official eBay Strategy Guide – How to Make Your Auctions Sell for More

Why is it that sometimes the exact same item sales for a lot more than another item on eBay? What is it that sets that item apart? There are some simple tricks to get more action on your eBay auctions and increase your final purchase price. I would call these the “4 to Get More”.

1. First Impression.

Why is it that I go on to eBay to buy a shirt and the first thing I see is a picture of the shirt on some ones bed, floor, table or anything else? Why are so many pictures from far away, with shadows, that barely show what it is I am looking for?
More eBayers will switch to a different item because of a picture that does one of the two things listed above.

-Make sure your pictures are extreme closeups, and look like they were taken in a department store, or better yet Photoshop out the background. I would also highly recommend having more than one picture, using your own html as not to ring up eBay fees, in your listing.

2. The end.

The time that your item ends is very important. I worked with an eBay seller who sold surf boards who could never get as much as he wanted. We researched his ending time and decided to end it four hours earlier than normal, because most of his boards were being sold in Hawaii! His final purchase price increased drastically. Your ending time must match your target demographic, especially for your items that are primarily purchased internationally.

3. Starting Price.

I don’t really ever recommend starting a listing at .99, you will get into involved with more shady buyers doing this. But I would recommend starting your listing at very low prices, and don’t include a reserve price. Again, only do this with research. If you are selling PSP’s then this is definitely a strategy to use, if you are selling home made wooden shoes, not so much. If you have a product that is popular, then this will get you more action on your product than having a high buy it now price, even if the buy it now price is reasonable! This also gives you a chance to take advantage of eBay’s second chance offer if you have multiple quantity. buy now

4. Brand your name!

The idea is to get repeat business and a recognizable name that is searched more often.
The eBay way of branding is simply feedback, color scheme, logo and template.
Your auctions will start selling for more money as you get more positive feedback, this simply takes patience. But until then, make all of your auctions uniform in style and color, so you can start getting recognized. A template that you use that is basic to all of your listings is important, especially if it includes, bullet point specifications, return policy, warranty info, shipping info, and pricing policy. I would also suggest having a Logo that you include in every listing, invoice, email, and on every shipping box you send out. Get recognized.



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