The Best Mobile Phone – The oneplus nord 2


The new version of the popular Oxygen Plus smartphone has been launched by the name of the much talked about Blackberry Storm. The Storm is much more of a power user’s phone as it has a feature rich interface and many different options for its users. The user has plenty of options in the form of options and extras. It provides various options for connectivity, web browsing, music listening and video playback and the connectivity modes allow the user to use either GSM or CDMA. oneplus nord 2

With this phone, the brand is once again taking a step forward and making itself better than its competitors. The first realme Gt smartphone was launched in the market along with the One Matic and the former one had some great competition from the two leading manufacturers, Nokia and Samsung. However, since the launch of the Blackberry Storm, Oneplus has come out with its own phones, which have nothing but its own high quality design and features.

In the market, the first phone from the brand with a pixel density of five eye, called the Oneplus Nordic 2, which comes with a large screen. The display of the Nordic comes in HD and Super AMOLED with a density of six thousand dpi. With the high levels of pixels, this is one way in which the company is proving its superiority over its competitors.

The next one in the range of Oneplus Nordic 2 is the power beast called the Oneplus NEX which comes with a dual camera set up on one side and comes with a large 5.5 MP camera on the other. The first phones from the brand with a pixel density higher than that of five I had trouble getting the job done and they also used to give problems in battery life. This problem was however addressed with the launch of the Oneplus NEX which managed to get through a day’s worth of work in just fifteen hours. In this way, it showed that the company had taken care of its problems with the performance of its smartphones. The company is now gearing towards new technology that will ensure superior performance and battery life of all of its future models.

The next in the series of the best selling phones from the brand is the onerous nord 2 which comes with a powerful camera on one hand along with the characteristic of a power efficient handset. It comes with a large screen and a variety of features such as, image stabilization, water resistance, high-end connectivity along with many others. This one of the strongest contenders in the race of smartphones that have come up with innovative features and a lot of value for money.

The last phone in the range of the Oneplus nord 2 is the OxygenOS 11S which is a mid-budget smartphone which has been designed to attract kids and young adults. This phone has been equipped with a decent sized 5 MP camera as well as a few features like, image stabilization, noise reduction, high-end connectivity and some gaming functions which are quite interesting. The design of the body of the phone has been pretty well thought out and it looks sleek and light to the touch. It has been equipped with a fingerprint scanner, which helps in fast and simple logging into the system. The headphone jack, volume control key and the proximity sensor are the other features present in this handsets which further add to its charm.


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