High End and Unique Phone Holder For Your Mi 9A


Mi 9A is a mid-budget smartphone available in the UK market from some of the leading mobile phone manufacturers including Nokia, Samsung, Vodafone, O2 and Motorola. It is one of the first smartphones of this type to be launched in the UK market. As is common with other mid-budget smartphone models, Mi 9A offers a number of attractive design elements which make it a desirable choice for many consumers. In this review we take a closer look at the phone’s key advantages and draw some useful comparisons with other leading handsets from this category.

The Mi 9A has a compact body structure which is composed of a gloss black metal frame with a metallic silver trim and rectangular stainless steel home button. The device also features a single home button, also in metallic silver but with a different design to the one on the rear cover. The rectangular home button can be pressed to launch the standard default apps and perform standard functions such as calling and messaging but the front camera and fingerprint scanner are tucked away behind glass and come in very different appearances. There is no provision for a built-in flash drive but the front and rear cameras can be accessed by means of a miniature USB card reader and the GSM modem. Mi 9A also sportes a 1.3 Mega Pixels camera which takes excellent photographs in good light conditions.

One of the major selling points of the handset is the powerful dual SIM tray which allows you to insert either a SIM from your own network or a compatible international SIM card. The Mi 9A offers connectivity with a mixture of networks in the UK market including O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange. With a choice of up to five SIMs you can keep changing your base stations easily if you so wish. For those who like to personalise their phones, the Mi 9A comes in a very chic and unique blue version which features a physical Samsung logo on the home key along with a heart symbol in gold on the side. This dual SIM phone is also available in Pink. For an elegant and futuristic look, the Mi 9A also comes in a dark grey metallic frame with a angular silver home button and square chrome hands.

Another big selling point of this handset is its high-end video camera which features a twenty megapixel unit with optical zoom and facial recognition technology for capturing high quality videos and stills. The front and rear cameras are also capable of allowing users to add video documentation. This high spec smartphone also sports a very attractive and futuristic looking 2.5 Mega Pixels rear camera and a five mega pixel front camera. The Mi 9A can support Video Effects that include Auto Exposure, Slow motion, Game modes and Full video recording features.

One of the most impressive selling points of the Mi 9A is its high battery life which enables you to enjoy more than ten hours of talk time on a single charge. It has also been approved by Spanish court as being water and dust resistant. If you are looking for sleek, modern and sleek mobile phone that offers excellent performance, then this phone is definitely one that you should consider. It has also been certified by TEN Mobile as having a screen that can survive exposure to extreme heat.

With all the amazing features and the mesmerizing looks, it is no surprise that Mi 9A the Mi 9A is rapidly selling out in stores across Spain. There are many retailers online that are offering this handset along with a free gift or voucher which can be used for purchasing other phones like the iPhone 4 or the HTC Evo Shift. Online shopping is the best option to buy a new phone as it allows you to compare prices without physically going to the store. You can also avail a much lower price by placing a larger order.


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